Reiki energy – awaken your spirit

Reiki brings people together, there’s a human connection, a transfer of energy and awakening of the spirit. It’s a channel to unravel a troubled mind, to soothe pain and discomfort and to stimulate the life force within us, allowing ourselves to find comfort and peace of mind.

Human beings are complex creatures whose bodies are machines working and developing during the experience of life. Our life is about choices and you can choose to open your mind to Reiki healing to restore your physical, emotional and mental health.

What is Reiki energy? It’s a life force. What is Reiki healing? It’s a technique for stress reduction that can boost your inner energy.

Low inner energy can lead to problems, high inner energy can give you a zest for life.

Know there will be change…

The simple, powerful practice of Reiki healing targets energy fields around the body that may be stagnant or challenged. It enables relaxation, calm and installs a belief in oneself – bringing change in the mind, body, and soul. A Reiki practitioner uses palm healing, or otherwise known as hands-on-healing, this is where they place their hands on or over a patient’s body, reestablishing normal energy and wellbeing bringing balance and harmony.

Reiki is an unintrusive, harmless, non-religious experience not to replace medical treatment but to enhance people’s lives. Through Reiki healing, you become more mindful of improving one’s state of mind, hoping to achieve internal freedom from things that weigh heavily on your existence.

Thoughts and feelings…

Your senses are a gift – how we see, hear, feel and taste influence how we deal with stress, tension, anger, pressure, hurt, fatigue and negativity. Time out is vital, to remove yourself from a world that is speeding up and is sometimes producing harmful energy that may need to be controlled. A Reiki practitioner will guide your energy force and promote healing. They are teachers with empathy who can offer comfort and support through their hands and their energy.

Reiki can induce feelings of warmth, release and emotional well being. It’s a time to unload and let the transfer of energy from one human being to another become the road to recovery and a pathway to self-control and focus.

If you have low inner energy you are more likely to get sick, if you have high energy you are capable of a happy life.

Anata ni shiawasena seikatsu o kibo…

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing. The name is made up of two words ‘Rei’, God’s wisdom or higher power and ‘Ki’, life force energy. It is a practice that is thousands of years old that has been adapted over time, it’s current form began in 1922. It is a complementary alternative medicine (CAM) to enhance and accelerate the body’s innate healing ability that should be implemented by a trained practitioner.

We all have the potential to be a Reiki teacher, some people are born with a spiritual gift and some people learn to find their skill sets to be a Reiki healer. Those people understand the disciplines and benefits of energy healing working on a one to one basis or in a parallax group. Sessions can be performed in a therapy room or in the comfort of your own home.

Reiki focuses on 20 areas of the body, working from the top of the body downwards. Using this technique combined with a healthy diet and exercise can allow you to attain so much and find happiness within.

Reiki is growing in popularity, it can be part of life’s coping strategy and a blessing to the soul.

‘Anata ni shiawasena seikatsu o kibo’… wishing you a happy life.