Three things we love  about Reiki… 

                                            …and we think you will too.


Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of ki (life force energy), which in turn can enhance and accelerate the body’s innate healing ability


Reiki is a wonderfully peaceful type of treatment with or without gentle music, optional use of essential organic oils in a lovely, relaxing atmosphere as a one-to-one session, and it is completely confidential.


Reiki is non-religious and does not require belief.

What our cLIENTS say

“I really enjoyed the Reiki taster session and subsequently booked full Reiki treatment. It was great to have the time to discuss matters with the therapist. Thank you very much for your patience and listening. ”
George S. | Bookkeeper

“It was great to attend one of your courses about Mindfulness. I have made some changes to my daily routine and I can already see the benefits on all fronts. The course was a real eye-opener, thank you. ”
Julie T. | Sales Assistant

“I attended one of your latest courses and found it fascinating.  It was all about energy, frequencies and vibrations. The day went so quickly as the content was informative, well thought-out, and with a personal touch. I have a feeling that I will be coming back for more treatments in the near future. It was lovely to see you again. All the best.”

Marianne V. | Teacher

“I had an amazing Chakra and Aura Healing session with you and wanted to thank you for your time and effort. Also, thank you for your explanations and guidance.”

Sam L. | Self-employed

 “The distance Reiki was amazing. I could not believe how effective it can be to be treated from a distance so I gave it a try. I did not regret it. Many issues came up during the session which I managed to discuss with Aniko in a very relaxed and fun way. She has an amazing ability to make her clients feel cared for and relaxed. We also had a good laugh as I think humour does help the healing process.”

Lesley M. | Hospitality and Catering

“Aniko was very good at explaining the treatment when I went to see her. Her professionalism and caring attitude made me feel at ease right from the beginning. She has a lovely personality. The session was amazing (Indian Head massage and Reiki). Her treatment room is relaxing and clean. I will be back again soon. I also recommended her to my friends and colleagues as Reiki truly works on many levels. Thank you for the wonderful session.”

Anne P. | Self-employed

“I have just attended one of your courses about Mindfulness At Work and At Home.  It was a relaxing and informative day.  Very enjoyable and interesting. Thank you for the lovely refreshment as well.”

Katie M. | Secretary

“I loved the one-to-one session with you.  During the 2-day course I had plenty of time to discuss matters in relation to healing, therapies etc. Issues and problems have surfaced and now can be dealt with. It was also great to see things from a different point of view. Highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to examine and eventually change things for a better understanding of how we all work and are related to everything in this world. Thanks a lot.”
Charlotte S. | Self-employed

“Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the relaxing Chakra and Aura Healing session I had very recently. I was not sure what to expect but as you explained it very clearly at the beginning of our session, it all made sense and I felt a great sense of calmness throughout the treatment. Now, I am encouraged to learn more about chakras so will be back for another course about healing. Thank you Annie for the lovely day and for the tips. xx”

Rose B. | Retired healthcare professional

“I attended one of your courses. It was about space clearing (in every sense), energising my home and my environment for the better. I did not know about FS and VS but you explained it so well. Loved your humour as it made the course even more enjoyable. Thank you. Lots of love.”

Claire N. | Administrator

“I have always been interested in the unknown. I signed up for Aniko s course on Channelling and then the Mediumship. It was a fascinating day and learned a lot about the serious side of these skills. I was initially doubtful but the evidence is overwhelming in my opinion. It did change my perspective. Thank you.”

James W. | Professional

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